"Is this as good as it gets?"


Adult psychotherapy can change lives… by improving how emotions are processed and by improving the ability to exist within relationships. As such, psychotherapy assists with anxiety, emotional dysregulation, depression, relationship difficulties, parenting issues, as well as other issues.


Adult psychotherapy deals directly with the deep pain of human existence, and with the growth of wellbeing.


My definition of “wellbeing” is this:


Wellbeing is being able to feel what you feel 

(and to notice the things that stop you feeling)

so that you know what you need 

and being able to communicate what you need to yourself

and to others, when it is safe to do so, 

and being able to hear what the other parts of you are saying in opposition to this part of you

and what the other person is saying about their own needs, 

and being able to weigh up correctly which part of yourself most needs to be listened to in that moment,

as well as being able to weigh up whose needs, yours or the other person’s, are most important in that moment. 

And most of the time this will lead to you getting enough of what you need in life to feel pretty much okay. 

Wellbeing also requires the ability to celebrate and delight in what is good in your day, in your life, in others’ lives, and in this world,

and grieve what is not, 

and the ability to find other individuals with whom you can share the delight

and with whom you can share the pain.


Adult psychotherapy carefully addresses each aspect of wellbeing described above.